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Registration for fall Worldtour or groene competition 


As of today, it is possible to register for the World tour or green competition. The deadline for registration is June 23!

Would you like to play in a team with one of your friends? The trainers and Youth committee will select the teams, but they will try to take in account the preferences of the kids. Please let us know in the registration form if you would like to join a team with somebody else.

What is your color?

We select the teams bases on skill and on age:

rood (red): t/m 9 years of age
oranje (orange): t/m 11 years of age
groen (green): t/m 12/13 years of age


When are your matches?

The tennis matches are played on Sundays and start at 9.00 hours. The location is de Mets or another tennis park in the area. A schedule with match days is included above in the Dutch text.

How do you register?

You will need your user name and password for de Mets website (section Mijn club) to register.

Your user name: Joni.Wagner
If you forgot your password, it is possible to send a password request via the login screen.

You can register with the online registration form. The link to the form is listed below:

Opgave formulier WorldTour Najaar


If you have questions or trouble with the registration, please contact us at tenniskids@demetselaars.nl - we are happy to help!


Coordinator Tenniskids

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