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Translation of Application Form



You can apply for membership by filling in the application form (aanmeldingsformulier) and sent it online. The application form is in Dutch so please follow these steps:

  1. Print out the translation of the Dutch form here below to help you to complete the form. The translation follows the Dutch form, line by line;
  2. Click here to get the Dutch form.

Soon after we received the form you will be invited for an interview with two members of the club. Please bring two passport photographs with you at that time if you have not sent a digital passport photo. The Kennismakingscommissie will contact you within one week after receiving the application form. Furthermore, you will be invited for a  meet up to get aquainted with the club.


* the items met asterisk must be completed  


*  Voorletters   *  Initials
*  Roepnaam   *  Christian Name
   Tussenvoegsel   *  Prefix to Surname, i.e. van, de, den
*  (Achter)naam   *  Surname
   Tussenv. meisjesnaam       Prefix to Maiden Name, i.e. van, de, den
   Meisjesnaam       Maiden Name  
   Naam Ouders (van junioren)       Name of Parents of junior members
*  Geslacht man   *  Gender Male
    Geslacht vrouw                   Female
*  Geboortedatum   *  Date of birth (date-month-year)
    (Pas)foto      Digital passport photo, jpg, min. 300x400 pixels
    Beroep / School      Occupation / School
 *  Nationaliteit   *  Nationality (choose from the list)
 *  Soort Lidmaatschap   *  Membership category (choose from list: senior (adult),
    junior, (hotel school)student, social member)
 *  Adres - Straat   *  Street address
 *  Adres - Huisnr.   *  House number
    Adres - Huisnr. toevoeging   *  House number addition
*  Adres - Postcode   *  Postcode
*  Adres - Plaats   *  City
    E-mail       Email address
*  Telefoon   *  Telephone number
   Tel. mobiel      Cellphone number
   Oude/andere tennisvereniging      Previous tennis club in The Netherlands     
   Bondsnr.      Tennis Federation number (if you have one)
   Speelsterkte enkel      Playing level singles (unknown, beginner = 9, up to level 1)
   Speelsterkte dubbel      Playing level doubles (unknown, beginner = 9, up to level 1)
   Wie kent u van De Metselaars?      Who do you know who is a member of De Metselaars?
   Opmerkingen      Remarks
*  Beveiligingscode    * Reproduce the letters in the rectangle below
    Voeg toe      Send

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