Reserve your court online

To ensure that there are not too many people at the Mets at the same time, you can only come to tennis park if you have made an online reservation for a tennis court. You can reserve via the website or >>the ClubApp. You will need to log in.

We feel it is important to give everybody the opportunity to play tennis again, that is why we have changed some guidelines.

The guidelines for this Corona period are:

  • You can reserve a court for 45 minutes. As of May 23, this will be 60 minutes. If there is no reservation after your booked time is up, you can continue playing
  • The time frame for using the courts:
    • Youth members - weekdays from 9:00 tot 18:00h
    • Senior members - weekdays from 9:00 tot 23:00h
    • All members can use the courts in the weekends from 9.00-21.00h (youth only with a grown-up as guide)
    • If there are no reservations in the system later in the evening, the park may close earlier
  • In case of rain, the park closes and your reservation is canceled. Keep an eye on the >>online afhangbord for the status of your reservation
  • You can use the courts once a day (the system may allow you to make more reservations, but we trust that everybody will respect the maximum)
  • You can reserve a court 1 day in advance (only when you make a reservation via the website)
  • It is not allowed to play tennis on our courts with a person that is not a member (introducé) until June 15

As a closing remark, we would also like to highlight two points:

  1. The right to reserve courts comes with paying your membership fee. Questions about this? Please contact our treasurer Jan Fetter via email:
  2. Encountering trouble reserving a court online because you don't have a computer or smartphone? We have created a possiblity to reserve a court via phone: you can call +31 6 82 40 05 92 between 14.00-18.00h to make a reservation



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